Every Thursday night 7.00pm - 9.00pm

We sit in Connswater Community Centre in Severn Street.

Past Events.

Sept 09- Imput on Greenway Walkaway.

Sept 09- Ali & Leslie Ann passed suicide course, well done.

Oct 09- Fundraiser night for young Carter Matthews.

Oct 09- Sucessful Housing Protest.

Oct 09- Talks with Fiona regarding airport.

Oct 09- Visit to Crumlin Road Jail.

Nov 09- Talks with British Heart Foundation.

Nov 09- George Best Foundation in Bloomfields.

Nov 09- Well and safe course.

Nov 09- Bus trip christmas shopping, Abbey Centre.

Dec 09- Shoe box appeal for Afganistan.

Dec 09- Christmas Dinner at the Encore Hotel.

Dec 09- Christmas craft morning, Adrcarn womens group.

Feb 10- Womens pamper night.

Feb 10- Kids Valentines Disco.

Feb 10- Working with Ardcarns Womens Group.

Feb 10- Walk down memory lane with Jonny Jamison.

Mar 10- Womens information night.

Mar 10- Cardiovascular disease course.

Mar 10 - Involvement in neighbourhood watch.

Apr 10- Kids Easter Disco and Easter parade.

Apr 10- Child protection courses.

Apr 10 - Bowling at the Odyssey Pavilion

Apr 10 - Darts and Chippy Night.

May 10 - Cultural and Diversity Course.


Connswater Women's Group are welcoming new members to join the group. We are a strong group and have recently secured some funding for different courses that will benifit the women of the area. We are currently completing a Cultural and Diversity course, which is fantastic and are at the last 2 weeks of the course. We are hoping to produce a small book regarding the course and in our own words telling the stories we no.
If you are interested in joining, come along any Thursday night and you will be made so welcome and will benefit along with the other women in some fantastic courses and some serious fun.
We sit Thursday nights from 7.00pm - 9.00pm
If anyone has any ideas for the womens group please dont hesitate to contact Sharon on 07821398510


We have just started a 3 week course on Cardiovascular disease.
The course covers a number of things from heart attacks, strokes, arterys, blood pressure,circulation and your brain.
The women really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next session on Thursday 25th March.
Some of the things we learnt about was amazing and our facilitor Shauna was brilliant.
If anyone interested in coming along for the remainder of the course they are very welcome indeed.


Easter Disco and Easter Bonnett Parade.

The Women of Connswater Womens Group are holding an
Easter Disco and an Easter Bonnett Parade.
on Saturday 3rd April 2010
Connswater Community Centre
7.00pm - 9.00pm
So bring along your Easter Bonnett and win a prize for the best one.
Also having
Bouncy castles
Tuck shop
Face painting
Egg painting
£2.00 per person or £5.00 per family
Come along and join in on all the fun.
Connswater Womens Group was established in August 2009.
A few local women were interested in the idea of getting the group started up in the area so we advertised to local women to come along and join up.
The response was great and at the minute we have 30 strong members.
Since we have started up we have achieved alot of things that probably wouldnt of happened only for us women.
We have taken part in a lot of local fund raising, held different events for the children of the area and have all enroled in some courses to better ourselves and our lives.
Self esteem and lack of confidence plays a big part in all our lives and over the past 8 months these changes have happened.
We are currently working along side with Ardcarn Womens Group and the bond that we have formed with them is brilliant.
We want to change the womens lives in and around our community bring them all together to a happy enviroment and take on the tasks that they wish to do.
Our drive and determination will improve the lives of many women in the area, through projects and events, the group will help alleviate the sense of isolation felt by women in our community.
The group sits on a Thursday Night 7.00pm - 9.00pm in Connswater Community Centre, everyone is welcome and will enjoy the laughs and fun of the group.